Domestic Battery

Domestic battery is a crime that includes a wide variety of ways that one person can physically injure another person (often the other person’s spouse).  Domestic battery can result in jail time, and is a serious charge in Indiana.

As Indiana domestic battery lawyers, we can help.

If you’ve been charged with domestic battery, please call us at your earliest convenience so that we can schedule a no cost, free consult with you. This will enable you to learn about our services and how we can represent you, and for us to learn about the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the charge or charges against you.

If you hire our firm, we will work tirelessly on your behalf to see that your innocence is maintained. We know that it is the job of the prosecution to seek conviction, and we will work hard to avoid this result.

Once person is charged with a crime, we first seek to understand the circumstances and evidence surrounding the charge.  We then work with clients to develop a strong legal defense, which usually entails challenging the evidence that may be brought by the prosecution.

Under our criminal justice system, all people are presumed innocent, and we work hard to main the innocence of all of our clients and avoid conviction.

In some instances, the prosecution may offer a plea deal.  If this is the case, we work with our clients to determine whether this is something that they wish to consider, or whether they wish to fight the charge in court.  Ultimately, the client is the one who makes the determination as to how we should proceed.  Regardless of whether our client wishes to discuss a plea agreement or to fight at trial, we work hard toward getting the best outcome possible.

Our firm’s founder, Pam Buchanan, was a former deputy district attorney in Boone County for seven years, and for two years was the District Attorney of Boone County.  During this time, Ms. Buchanan handled a wide range of criminal matters on behalf of the state of Indiana. Ms. Buchanan puts this experience to work for every client.