Child Support

Buchanan and Bruggenschmidt is well aware of the enormous financial investment associated with raising minor children, and we consistently take every necessary step to ensure that child support is calculated correctly at all stages of your children’s development.  Just as the payor has a duty to financially support each minor child, the payee has a duty to collect child support on behalf of each minor child.

Child support is defined as an ongoing, periodic payment by one parent for the financial benefit of his or her child.  Indiana has developed the Indiana Child Support Guidelines to explain the formula used to calculated child support and to set forth the general rules associated with payment of child support.  There is a rebuttable presumption that the amount of child support determined by the formulas contained in the Indiana Child Support Guidelines is the proper amount of weekly child support.

Child support is based on a number of variable factors, including each parent’s gross income, prior child support obligations, subsequent children, healthcare premiums, work-related childcare, and the number of overnights exercised by the payor.  It is crucial that parents understand that the child support is a separate and distinct issue that will be present until the emancipation of each minor child.  Child support is not linked to parenting time and a parent may not withhold parenting time based on the fact that the other parent has not met his or her child support obligation.

As child support is based on a number of variable factors, it is essential that a parent confirm that he or she is paying and/or receiving the appropriate amount of child support.  Changes in one’s family structure, parenting time and income may drastically affect the amount of child support owed and/or paid.  Further, child support is meant to cover the minor child’s day to day living expenses.  In most situations, the parent paying child support should also be contributing to the child’s extracurricular expenses and uninsured medical expenses.

Should the paying parent fail to make his or her child support payments in a timely manner, that parent will accumulate a child support arrearage.  Buchanan and Bruggenschmidt is experienced in assisting clients with collecting arrearage as well as setting and modifying basic child support obligations.  Please contact us to schedule a no risk consultation, where we will assess your situation and advise you on how implement child support and/or how to resolve any outstanding child support issues.