Adoption can be a tremendously exciting time for new parents as they welcome a new member into their household.  Adoption may or may not always go smoothly from a legal perspective.

In some instances, there can be unexpected developments, such as a father who later decides that he wants to be involved in the life of his child.  We understand the circumstances, and try to prevent, as best we can, these types of matters from arising in the future so that they may jeopardize our clients rights and interests as the sole parents for the child.

When clients are seeking to adopt, we carefully review with them the requirements and conditions under Indiana concerning adoption.

We can advise as to the types of circumstances that these agencies look to in order to give the favorable adoption approval, as well as explain what matters might negatively impact approval.  We advise clients as to the expected timetable, what must be done from a legal perspective, what approvals need to be obtained, and likely costs and fees to be incurred.

If you are considering adoption, please give us a call so that we can schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient with you to learn about you, so that we may advise you as to the adoption procedures.  There is so obligation to use our firm. We look forward to meeting you and to helping with your adoption needs.