Drug Possession and Drug Crimes

As Indiana drug possession lawyers, we understand the serious consequences that a client can face from being charged with drug possession.  These consequences can range up to and including jail time.  Moreover, a drug possession conviction can be also have serious, long-term consequences, because a person convicted of drug possession may have to disclose this fact on future work applications.

We take drug charges seriously, and work hard to do whatever we can within the boundaries of the law and the ethical rules to fight back for our clients who are charged with drug crimes.

If you’ve been with drug possession or another drug crime, our first step is to meet with you so that we may learn more about the facts and circumstances of your case, and the prosecution’s evidence.  This includes understanding aspects such as the witnesses that may be called, and the other evidence that the state is likely to use in court.

We also want to understand your side, and to know about all evidence that supports your innocence.

Once we understand the facts and evidence, we work to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at preserving your innocence and fight against the charges brought by the state.

Every case is unique.

When we are able to fully understand your case, we can advise as to what we believe to be the best strategy. We fight vigorously in all situations to preserve the innocence of our clients.  We don’t take the evidence that may be presented by the state for granted, and if a trial is to take place, we zealously challenge the state and their witnesses.

Depending upon the strength of the case, the state in some instances may offer a plea deal. If such a plea deal is offered, at the direction of our client, we will negotiate hard with the state to obtain for our clients the best plea deal possible.  If a plea deal is not offered, or if our client does not wish to accept a plea agreement, we are well prepared for trial.

If you’ve been charged with drug possession or another criminal matter, call us. We offer a no obligation, free consult so that we may learn about your case, and so that you can learn about our firm and legal representation that we can provide.